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Don’t Drive Without Insurance!

Life is complicated, but driving without LIABILITY insurance can complicate your life even more. The laws in Washington require that every driver have insurance. If you let your insurance lapse for even one day, you could lose your license for at least 3 years, if not longer.  While insurance can be expensive, driving without insurance can literally devastate you financially.

If you cause an accident and there is more than $700 in damage to the other person’s vehicle, or the other person is injured, the officer and/or the insurance company for the other person will notify the department of licensing (DOL) that you did not have insurance at the time of the collision and you will lose your license if you can’t pay for the other person’s damages. The officer will probably give you a ticket, but the ticket is the least of your worries. The average cost to repair the other person’s vehicle can easily exceed $5,000 not to mention several thousands of dollars in medical treatment if the other person is injured. If you lose your license for not having insurance, and you get caught again, driving without insurance, you could face criminal penalties.

Remember, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure the vehicle you are driving has insurance.  If you borrow someone’s vehicle, make sure you and/or the vehicle is insured.  If you loan your vehicle to someone, make sure your vehicle is insured or the other person has insurance. You could also lose your license if you loan your uninsured vehicle to an uninsured driver. The DOL will automatically revoke your license until you can prove the vehicle owner and/or driver was NOT at-fault for the collision.

EVERYONE needs LIABILITY Insurance. It’s the LAW.  Driving is a privilege and will be revoked if you break the law.  It’s NOT worth the risk. If you can’t afford to pay for insurance, you need to rely on public transportation or walk.  DON’T drive without insurance.